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Hi there, I’m Juliette, the founder of Birdy and a certified MBTI practicioner since 2019.

Being passionate about people since my childhood, I specialized in the field of love after a 5-year relationship with a narcissist that destroyed my personality. This experience made me realize that being in love doesn’t always come with happiness (unfortunately) and that knowing, accepting and loving yourself is the only key to attract the right people for YOU. 

I use the theory of personality types to help my clients develop a love relationship with themselves and push all their limiting beliefs away, as that same tool helped me bloom from a girl lacking confidence and scared of others’ opinion, to an international thought leader and entrepreneur closely watched by top medias such as ForbesPsychology Today or Thrive Global.

Our coachings

FREE : Typing Session

Juliette will meet with you to uncover your real personality type, discuss what it means for your life, your strengths and weaknesses and what you have to unlock in yourself to realize your most craziest dreams.

Personal Development

Following an initial typing session, Juliette will meet with you to work on the specific growth areas of your type to finally unlock your full potential and reach the happiness and the success you deserve.


Following an initial typing session, Juliette will meet with you to work specifically on your love life to uncover your deepest needs in a relationship, set your boundaries and finally find the perfect person for you.


After finding both of your types, Juliette will meet with you to explain how you work, communicate, what you expect from a partner and how you can meet each other’s needs for a fulfilling relationship.

Break up

Juliette will meet with you to discuss what happened in your previous relationship and why, work on re-aligning yourself with your needs, and fall in love with yourself before letting someone else in again.

What others are saying

"2019 j’étais perdue je ne savais plus du tout qui j’étais. Grâce à Juliette, j’ai appris une chose essentiel dans ma vie : savoir m’écouter. Elle a changé la vision que j’avais de moi et ça je ne saurai jamais comment la remercier !"
ESFJ, Swan
"Des conseils en or, une coach en or, meme en étant au plus bas, Juliette sait tirer le meilleur de chacun de nous et grâce à elle, nous nous sentons invincible!"
ESFP, Budgie
"Depuis ces séances de coaching avec Juliette, je me sens beaucoup plus ligne avec moi même et j’arrive à faire face aux situations qui m’étaient insupportable avant."
INFP, Dove
Discuter avec Juliette m’a permis d’ouvrir les yeux non seulement sur moi, sur mon amoureux mais surtout sur notre couple. J’ai enfin trouvé les clés pour qu’il me comprenne et m’écoute - plus de frustration liée à des incompréhensions mutuelles. Je sais comment il réagit, ce qu’il attend de moi et de nous et la vie nous est infiniment simplifiée et nous permet de ne profiter que du meilleur!
ESTP, Kingfisher

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” - Leonardo da Vinci