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Virtual Valentine’s Day 2021 – Data Analysis Extraverts/Introverts

As part of a larger study looking into the behaviors of Introverts vs Extraverts in regards to online dating, we conducted an experiment in the form of a Virtual Valentine’s Day event for UC Berkeley students (and some additional Universities in the Bay Area). 

We wanted to see how interested university students were in being matched based on personality compatibility instead of traditional matching based on scrolling photos , and how their Extraversion/Introversion would play into it.

219 people from 18 to 27 years old signed up and we were able to find a compatible match for 162 of them, they met on Zoom for the first time on V-Day.

Here is some of the data we were able to collect:

Registrations Breakdown:

Almost 85% of the registrants were between 18 and 20 years old and 63% were women.

55% were extraverts and 64% intuitives.

The dominant personality types that registered were ENFJ – Peacock, ENFP – Bluebird, INFP – Dove and INFJ – Hummingbird, or the four “Idealist” types as referenced by the Kersey Temperaments.

Registrations by age:

Registrations by personality type:

Registrations by cognitive functions:

Event Feedback:

The introverts were in general more stressed before meeting their match in the Zoom room, with 30% of them declaring being “stressed” or “extremely stressed” compared to only 17% of the extraverts.

The introverts were also in general less satisfied with the quality of the conversation with their match with an average grade given of 2.83/5 for a grade of 3.5/5 given by the extraverts.

Finally, 88% of extraverts declared wanting to meet their match in real life while only 59% of the introverts said the same.

Level of stress before joining the meeting by orientation:

Rating of the conversation by orientation:

Willingness to meet their match in real life by orientation:

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