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05-May-2020 – Birdy has Over 5,000 Users Before the Matching Even Starts.

San Francisco, CA. –

May 5th, 2020

Personality System, LLC start-up is proud to announce that their Personality Matching app, Birdy, has attracted over 5,000 users within the first week of its pre-launch.

The first version of the app, without a matching algorithm, launched on the Apple and Play store on April 22nd and passed 5,000 users exactly one week later on April 29th at 11:20 am PT. 

To remove the superficial aspects of meeting people online, Birdy uses personality types and story booklets to connect people with each other. It is more than just a dating app, it’s an app to connect naturally compatible people, to form great relationships and lasting friendships. Users can’t see the person’s face, instead they get to see their values, hobbies, interests, and passions. Only after two people decide to connect based on each other’s personalities, will a natural selfie be revealed. Isa Rabel, Head of Communications at Birdy, said “we let our Birdys [users of Birdy] read the book before showing them the cover”.

The MBTI community has been waiting for an app like Birdy for a long time. And since registering early comes with premium benefits for life, a lot of people jumped at the opportunity to become an Early Birdy. Juliette Swann, Founder of Birdy, said “all the users that are joining Birdy before the matching is ready are helping us solve the chicken and egg problem”. Since now there are profiles and stories ready and waiting and the matching can begin without a hitch.

With the upcoming launch of the matching algorithm in July, 2020, the team at Personality System, LLC is looking forward to connecting people with themselves and others in a deep and meaningful way.