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Independent, original, conceptual, visionary, insightful, innovator, perfectionist, demanding, frank, decided, self-confident


Independent, unconventional, original, very curious, brilliant, insightful, logical, intellectual, complex, self-confident, critical, skeptical, precise

Eagle ENTJ

Logical, decided, responsible, organized, energetic, objective, decisive, autonomous, charismatic, strategic

Cockatoo ENTP

Creative, questioner, theoretical, original, ingenious, brilliant, curious, enthusiastic, charming, friendly, self-confident, persuasive, eloquent, enterprising, energetic

Hummingbird INFJ

Benevolent, empathetic, sensitive, listener, insightful, creative, gentle, secret, perfectionist, idealist, deep, complex, determined, upright


Idealist, engaged, perfectionist, sensitive, mindful of others, empathetic, adaptable, devoted, deep, private, curious, creative, virtuous

Peacock ENFJ

Warm, benevolent, compassionate, empathetic, enthusiastic, diplomat, social, organized

Bluebird ENFP

Enthusiastic, friendly, energetic, curious, social, creative, unconventional, warm, spontaneous, expansive, insightful, empathetic

Woodpecker ISTJ

Meticulous, hard-working, responsible, stable, organized, detached, reasonable, traditional

Weaver Bird ISFJ

Calm, humble, devoted, generous, friendly, loyal, sensitive, conscientious, hard-working

Penguin ESTJ

Responsible, meticulous, objective, logical, analytical, detached, realist, practical, systematic, pragmatic, reliable


Appreciative, warm, outgoing, accepting, decisive, practical, friendly

Cuckoo ISTP

Pragmatic, objective, analytical, logical, realist, tolerant, adaptable, independent, calm, private, resourceful, practical, honest, teasing, cheerful

Robin ISFP

Gentle, compassionate, humble, secret, selective, sympathetic, loyal, original, independant, sophisticated, sensitive, devoted, discrete, thoughtful, tolerant

Kingfisher ESTP

Pragmatic, realist, action-oriented, enthusiastic, playful, energetic, adaptable, social

Budgie ESFP

Observant, creative, spontaneous, insightful, social, enthusiastic, warm, generous, joyful, charming, cooperative, understanding, sensitive